Meszaros is the ideal engineer! He’s savvy about old school recording techniques, and totally on top of current methods. When working with Dave, you just know the project is going to run effortlessly and sound amazing.

— Miles Black (musician/producer)
I’ve been at this game of making records and providing music for people’s interesting projects for a long time. I’ve had the honour of working with enough great people that I can spot a gem in a heartbeat. I think it only took a half a heartbeat to realize that Dave Meszaros was one of the keepers. We were thrown together on a challenging record right away and within an hour or so I knew that Dave was a “go to guy”. Just as I would be saying what should happen next Dave would be saying, “I thought so and I have it already dialed up here”. He has keen musical instincts, a respect for creating something timeless and that essential mischievous spirit of experimentation. There is a radio track we recorded together that never ceases to make my phone ring whenever it is played. The caller will say, “I just heard that tune and it sounds so full and amazing on the radio”. I always reply, “that was Dave Meszaros at the wheel”.
— Craig Northey (musician, producer)
Dave Meszaros is one of the finest recording engineers I have worked with - he is well prepared and extremely fast with all the studio gear, seems to know what I need before I ask, has great ears and knows how to get the best sound from live players. Dave is an easy person to spend time with and has a strong work ethic - I highly recommend working with Dave.

- Ed Henderson (musican/producer)
— Ed Henderson (musician/producer)
Dave’s sound engineering expertise, musical ear, and enthusiasm make him an absolute pleasure to work with.

— Matthew Rogers (producer/musician)
Dave is the fastest guy I’ve ever seen on pro-tools. He really has a thorough knowledge of the program and combines it with an excellent musical sense. A great help to the producer and artist.
— Bill Henderson (musician)